confident, and foremost, professional Nail Technician, prepared and ready to take the Virginia Nail
Technician license exam!  Attending MemanMem’s Nail Technology School is beneficial to both of
us.  First, it brings customers through our doors.  Second, it helps the student in building their own
clientele base.  Hopefully, when you obtain your license and leave us, you will be taking some of
your newfound clients with you.  Just remember, once you become a Licensed Nail Technician, you
are your own boss!  Upon course completion, we'll even help with job placement!

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Newport News, Virginia

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Hours of Operation
10 a.m.– 7 p.m.  
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Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations, Board for Barbers and
Cosmetology licensing, requires a combination of 150 hours of academic and practical application
completion prior to applying for a Virginia Nail Technician License.  MemanMem’s is a Virginia
Licensed Nail School.  Our Nail Technology Course prepares you to take and receive your Board
for Barbers and Cosmetology Nail Technician License.  We offer 200 hours of classroom training on
theory accompanied by on-site salon practical application.  We offer a flexible rotating day and
evening class schedule that begins on the first
Tuesday of each month.  In-house financing
options are available.  
Contact us; we will
gladly discuss course curriculum, class
schedules, and possible financing options.
MemanMem’s Nail Technology School course
curriculum will thoroughly prepare you in all
academic and practical application areas
required to pass the Virginia State Board of
Cosmetology Nail Technician's Exam.  Your
training will begin in our classroom.  Course
Curriculum includes, but not limited to:  Safety,
Bacteriology, Sterilization, Sanitation, Nail Art,
Composition, Nail Structure, Disorders,
Diseases, Manicures, Pedicures, Artificial
Nails, Salon Development, and Cosmetology
Law.  Our Instructors test as they go, ensuring
all information is still fresh in your mind in
preparation for the state exam.
Upon practical application completion, it’s time
for you to take a seat on the business side of
the manicure table.  You will start working on
actual clientele, earning tips, under the direct
supervision of a Licensed Nail Instructor,
applying newly acquired knowledge and skills
that will allow your clients feel relaxed,
pampered, and most of all, beautiful.  Our
course’s main objective is to make you a safe,
What Can You Expect From Our School?
Our Nail Technology School will prepare you to take the Virginia State Board of
Cosmetology Nail Technician's Exam through 200 hours of classroom training on theory
accompanied by on-site salon practical application. We have both day and evening classes
that start monthly with in-house financing available. $
200 before the next class can
guarantee you a spot. S
o please, contact us so that we can inform you of the next class
convening date and
any available financing options.  
Just remember, once you become a licensed nail technician, you c
an be your own boss!